Stock Fox Dyno

For comparison, here is the Stock Fox Dyno.
Stock Fox
Taken from "Volkswagen Sport Tuning" by Per Schroeder, the stock Fox puts about 62 HP to the wheels.

First Run

The boys at Technik Motorwerks were pretty understanding of my desire to have the car measured on their dyno. After a day of highly tuned Hondas they were entertained by the idea of running their first Fox. It was also the first car they had tested with a Child's Seat in it.

I didn't get a chance to run the car on a dyno when it was completely stock. This is with the exhaust replaced by a full Techtonics Tuning exhaust and a K&N filter.


I am pretty pleased with these numbers. The Fox engine was rated by the factory as producing 93 Ft/lbs of torque at 3250 RPM and producing 81 HP at 5500 RPM. These numbers would have represented the output of the motor at the flywheel and not taken into account any power loss through the drive train. The car is now producing 97 ft/lbs of torque at 3300 RPM and 82 horses at 5500 AT THE WHEELS, not at the Flywheel.
I feel this demonstrates that the JN code engine was certainly capable of producing power on par with the other 8V engines of the day. The 85-88 CL engines were rated at 90 HP. The restrictive exhaust that is stock on the Fox was another way that VW ensured that the Fox was perceived as an economy car. With the cars light weight it may have embarrassed the GTis of the day if it had not been purposely de-engineered. It was a conspiracy.

With 80.5 WHP the Fox would have the same HP to Weight Ratio as a MK 1 GTI.
The car now has a better HP to Weight Ratio than a MK 1 GTI.

Second run

EurospecThe graph shows 4th gear pulls. 104.3 Ft lbs of Torque. 88.3 HP
Modifications were 2P Transmission, Eurospec Solid Lifter Head, G-grind Cam, Techtonics Exhaust, K&N Filter
and Large Throttle Body.

These mods got the car with 2 HP of the MKII 8V GTI
90.5 WHP would have given the car the same Weight to HP ratio and a MKII 8V GTI.
A higher compression engine and its smart ECU give the GTI its extra power.

First Run of 2L


This pull was done just after the 2013cc bottom end was put in the car.
There was a vacuum leak and the A/F ratio was 21:1.
With 104 HP the car has more than the 100.9 HP it would need to match the power to weight ratio of a MKII 16V GTI

With the vacuum leak sealed and the A/F ratio much closer to 14:1 the car is likely producing more than the 114 HP it would need to match the power to weight ratio of a MKIII VR6.

I'm certain the 122.3 HP needed to match the performance level of a MKIV VR6 can be reached.

Switching to stand alone engine management may even put the 131.3 HP needed to match the performance of a
MKV  R32 within reach.

The Blue VW Fox Wagon

The Red VW Fox Wagon

Fun with the Fox

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