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All the articles about the Volkswagen Fox I've found so far.
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Auto Week

04/03 1989
TEST: Volkswagen Fox GL Sport


February 1987

April 1987
Volkswagen Fox in Brazil

Automotive Industries

December 1989
Legacy Wagon, VW Fox, Toyota 4Runner

Better Homes and Gardens

November 1987
The new-age family cars
November 1989
Affordable four doors: Perfect Cars for Young Families

Car and Driver

February 1987
Road Test - VW Fox GL
December 1988
8 for 10
May 1993
Down & Out

Consumer Reports

October 1987
Four Cheap Little Runabouts

European Car

Feb 1990
Tech Flash: Project Fox
November 1992
Fox Wagon GTL
March 1994
Fox Rennwagen
The GT treatment for VW's Brazilian variant
June 1997
Keeping a Fox in Suspension
December 1999
The Personals: 1988 Fox GL Wagon
December 2000
Tech Letters
Too Much of a Good Thing
June 2001
The Junkyard
Social Commentary and Coming of Age
Leisure Ways
July 6, 1987
Three for the Road

Motor Trend
November 1986
Fox Caught
February 1987
Road Test:  Volkswagen Fox
April 1987

February 1988
Road Test: Fox GL Wagon - A low-dollar shoebox with high-dollar values
August 1988
Import Notes
Popular Mechanics
August 1987
Late Bloomers
August 1987
Fox waggin' its new tail
Popular Science
February 1987
Battle for the Basics
May 1987
Minicar Invasion
Protect Yourself
July 1988 Road Tests of 8 Sub-compact Cars

Road and Track
February 1987
Volkswagen Fox
May 1987
Tally-ho Carioca!
January 1989 Volkswagen Fox GL Sport
February 1997
10 years ago
This Week in Business
February 18, 1989 Fox is another super sub-compact offering from Volkswagen
Turbo and Hi Tech Performance
February 1999 Reader's Ride - 1988 Fox Wagon
Volkswagen and Porsche
January 1988
Fox Wagon: Volkswagen's Next Cult Car?
April 1989
Project Fox Part 1: Brakes & Suspension
June 1989
Fox Aerowagon
August 1989
Project Fox Part 2: Wheels & Tires
December 1989
Project Fox Part 3
April 1990
Project Fox Part 4: Seats

Newspaper Articles
Calgary Herald - March 8th 1991
VW's Fox has Basic Features
Chicago Tribune - May 29, 1989

Halifax Chronicle Herald - June 30, 1988
VW Fox Still a Good Buy Despite Exchange Rate Problems
Montreal Gazette - September 10, 1988
...and Fox gets Fifth - Sweet
Washington Post - May 8, 1987


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