The Fox Wagon

What VW said about the wagon when it was in the dealer showroom.

1987 Sales Brochure

The Volkswagen Fox is available in three models, each a paragon of value and versatility. There's a 2-door Sedan. A more luxurious 4-door GL Sedan. And an eminently practical GL Wagon. All are powered by a spirited 1.8 liter fuel-injected engine linked to a 4-speed transmission. To transform this power into lively performance the Volkswagen Fox sports contemporary engineering features. Like 4-wheel independent suspension. Rack and pinion steering. Power front disc brakes. And front wheel drive. You'll be astonished by its responsiveness on country lanes, and by its sure-footedness when you nose into a demanding curve. Few cars in the world will take you from place to place more practically and efficiently. Or let you have as much fun doing it.
For Volkswagen engineers, true economy means more than a bare-bones car. Just take a drive in the Volkswagen Fox. The Sedan surrounds you with standard amenities. And the GL Wagon is designed to function as a true workhorse. The large cargo area can be greatly increased by simply folding the rear seat. Volkswagen has always had a reputation for value. The new Volkswagen Fox will do much to enhance it.

1988 Sales Brochure
The GL Wagon never lets you forget that it was meant to carry sizeable loads. It sports a generous cargo space that expands even further by means of a fold-down rear seat.
But the GL Wagon also reminds you that it is designed to transport its passengers with a high degree of comfort. That's because it comes equipped with virtually all the amenities of the GL Sedan. From the fully reclining front bucket seats with plush velour upholstery. To cut pile carpeting and dual remote controlled mirrors.

It can handle roads as well as loads.

The GL Wagon may be a real workhorse, but it also has enough horsepower and advanced German technology to give it sedan-like performance.
The 1.8 liter fuel-injected, 4-speed transmission, rack and pinion steering, 4-wheel independent suspension and power front disc all work together to inspire agile road-handling and maneuverability.
So if you want a wagon that can really haul, get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Fox.

1989 Sales Brochure

The Volkswagen Fox lets you choose the exact degree of practicality you require. There's a smart looking 2-door Sedan. A 2-door and 4-door GL Sedan add increased comfort. There's the GL Sport for improved performance. And for roominess and versatility, the GL Wagon is ideally suited for transporting people and things. No matter what your driving needs, there's a Volkswagen Fox to fit your lifestyle.
Should the road get tough, the 4-wheel independent suspension helps smooth out bumps and lumps. Turn into a curve, and the front stabilizer bar minimizes excessive lean. Rack and pinion steering keeps handling crisp and responsive. A dual diagonal braking circuit with standard power front disc brakes contributes toward sure, straightline stops. And a load-sensing device on the Fox GL Wagon automatically compensates for variations in the rear weight to help avoid rear wheel lock-up due to heavy loads.
If you've got a lot to carry, you'll find a practical solution in the Fox GL Wagon. Its generous 33.4 cu. ft. of cargo space features a convenient cargo cover that keeps your possessions hidden out of sight when the rear hatch is closed. You can easily expand its carrying capacity to a sizeable 61.8 cu. ft. by folding the rear seat forward.

1990 Sales Brochure

The versatility of a wagon, the fun and value of a Volkswagen.

The problem: most small cars are so small, there never seems to be enough room for all the things you want to carry.
The solution: Fox GL Wagon. It has room for four and an incredible amount of cargo space: 33.4 cu.ft. that can be expanded to 61.8 cu.ft. when you fold the rear seat forward. So there's enough room for the important things in your life.
There's a convenient cargo cover that keeps your property safely out of sight when the hatch is closed. Plus a special brake system load-sensing device that automatically compensates for variation in rear weight.
To enhance performance, Fox is equipped with contemporary engineering features like rack and pinion steering, four wheel independent suspension and power front disc brakes. Steel belted radials and a front stabilizer bar help the Fox hug the road and improve handling.
The result is an inexpensive car that doesn't feel inexpensive. The Fox's spirited fuel injected engine and surefooted handling instill confidence and provide real driving fun.
If you've had any preconceived notions about economy cars, the Fox GL Wagon will quickly change them. It's designed to provide quality, reliability, versatility and shear driving fun. It's a lot more than just a station wagon.
It's a Volkswagen.

The Blue VW Fox Wagon

The Red VW Fox Wagon

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