How We Came to Own the Red Fox

We met at a birthday party. It was a birthday party for the Blue Fox. Well, not so much a birthday party as a celebration of the anniversary of buying the Blue Wagon. September 2004.

There was cake.Skulk 3 Cake

Slot Cars

Skulk 3 Slots

And FoxesSkulk 3 Foxes

The Red one was impossibly clean.

Skulk 3 Red Motor

The owner and I kept in touch. We swapped stories and tips. And Parts.
I learned that the car had come up from California.
That explained its good bones. That and the effort that had gone into keeping it so tidy.

In 2006, I went down to Waterwagens in Red. And it won a prize.
Red Back Waterwagens 2006
Best "VW Other"
Red Front WW 2006
When, in January 2010, the owner announced that he had had enough and wanted out of the old VW game, I knew I had to get the car. There was no way I could let it go only to hear it was wrapped around a tree or written off after hitting a pole or landing in a ditch. It had to be saved from such a fate.

The Blue VW Fox Wagon

The Red VW Fox Wagon

Fun with the Fox

  • Car Show
  • Drag Racing
  • Autocross
  • Xmas